In the ten years since its inception, AIAS has become a thriving institution dedicated to the promotion of scholarly ties between Afghanistan and the United States. We continue to maintain an academic center in Kabul which is open to both senior and junior scholars, and in the past three years alone have hosted more than 150 visiting scholars to conduct short-term research projects in Afghanistan. As an institutional or individual member, you participate in the continuing re-establishment of Afghanistan studies following a difficult decade for the country.

Funding from institutional and individual membership contributes greatly to resources that have significant impact on Afghanistan scholarship. These dues provide fellowships for American scholars that permit travel to Afghanistan. In addition the John F. Richards Fellowship program, partially supported by membership dues, has helped to ensure that scholarship on Afghanistan by Americans will persist into the future.

Member institutions are given a seat on the Board of Trustees, priority access to AIAS resources in Kabul, and the opportunity connect with a global network of Afghanistan scholars. In addition, institutional members have the opportunity to run grants independently through AIAS and receive a fee waiver for one institutional scholar applying for our fellowships.

The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies provides resources and benefits to its institutional members and individual members. This includes, but is not limited to, space for members to post reports of their ongoing research, space for posting articles and publications, and access to the AIAS Center in Kabul, Afghanistan. For more information on our Kabul center, please visit: