The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS) provides accesses to J-Stor and Boston University digital Libraries in order to support research in academic institutions of Afghanistan. It is part of the effort to encourage research among afghan scholars and university students. It’s hoped that the digital libraries will inspire applicant institutions reaching their long-term academic goals.

Successful applicants who can prove to have necessary resources available to host the research station and accommodate researchers on regular basis, will be provided with the tools to access the entire digital library in the long run.

Please apply by filling the institutional application form bellow and submit the completed form by sending it to AIAS.KBL@gmail.com.

J-Stor Institutional Application Form

The application will be processed in 10 working days. The applicant will hear about the final decision, in 15 days maximum after the application is submitted. Further administrative measures will be processed afterwards by signing an MOU with the successful applicants.