Role of the Public Administration in Development of Substantial Peace and Good Governance in Afghanistan

AIAS and National center for dialogue and progress jointly arranged a Kabul Talks program at the Rana University on the 4th of July, 2019.

The program was started with the welcoming remarks by the vice-chancellor of Rana University Mr Mustafa Saedi. Mr Saedi briefly discussed the role of public administration in government system and good governance and its importance in achieving a substantial peace.

The guest speaker for the program was Dr Ghulam Sakhi Mohammady, a PhD in public administration. Dr Mohammady began with a brief introduction of Public administration and its importance in having good governance in a country. Dr Mohammady introduced public administration as the bridge between the public and government and the executive part of the government in which the public can take part in forming the government and its policies. Lack of public participation in forming the government through public administration is the main reason for conflict in a country.

Furthermore, Dr.Mohammady discussed the importance of public administration in decreasing the conflict in a government system especially government system of Afghanistan.

The major roles public administration can play in decreasing the conflict in a government system discussed by Dr. Mohammady were:

  1. Developing public policy through public participation
  2. Political participation of public through public administration in order to achieve public interests.
  3. Decentralization of government system through public participation in administration of government

Governance is a qualitative phenomenon which emphasizes on transparency, providing services to the public through a good administration. A centralized governance system can never provide the mentioned services to the public and it leads to a conflict in a system in a country, only a decentralized government system with public participation through public administration in it can lead to a prosperous nation.

At the end of the session, Dr Mohammady took a few questions from the audience.