Book launch and literary analysis of the book: “let me write for you”

AIAS and ACKU hosted an event for unveiling a novel written by Nahid Mehrgan on 11th July 2018.

The program was launched with the introduction of the book and speakers of the program, Dr. Rohullah Amin, and Dr. Yaman Hekmat, and in order to analyze and interpret the content of the book, speakers were requested to discuss the Novel.

In the beginning, Dr.Rohullah Amin analyzed the content of the book from the perspective of psychology. Dr. Amin began discussing stories, writing stories and explained the importance of the story in conveying the concepts of a message, experience, and a lesson.

The book tells the story of a girl from Herat who was born and raised in Herat and goes to Germany after marriage. The book highlights the bitterness and the good and bad experiences of a person who experiences different faces of life in different settings in Afghanistan and in Germany.

Dr. Amin pointed out the impact of these bad experiences on a person’s life that has been told in the story in the book.

One of the issues discussed psychologically was the issue of taboos that have been discussed in the book fearlessly and is not widely discussed among the people in general life.

Dr. Hekmat interpreted the story as one of the stories that tell the bitter truths of a society that most of the people living in a similar environment and society have experienced.

One of the characteristics of the book which was praised by the guests was the way the writer presents the characters of the story and the way these characters convey a message to the reader.

The program was ended with a series of questions from the audience and discussions by the guest speakers