AIAS hosted French ambassador in Herat

AIAS hosted newly-appointed French ambassador to Afghanistan Mr David Martinon on 17th of February, 2020 in Herat Citadel of Herat City. The French ambassador was invited by Prof. Michael Barry to visit the Timurid arts exhibition in Herat citadel. French Ambassador was accompanied by Director of French archaeological delegation to Afghanistan Mr Philippe Marquis and Embassy members. During the visit, Prof. Barry gave a tour of the exhibition to the French embassy delegation and described the art works in the Exhibition. The French ambassador was really impressed with the miniatures exhibited in Herat and praised the work done by the AIAS and Prof. Barry to bring the Miniatures to Herat. I, as the ambassador of France to Afghanistan, feel very proud today by visiting this exhibition that France has supported and contributed to such an incredible project, said Mr Martinon while visiting the exhibition.

French Ambassador and the director of French archaeological delegation to Afghanistan showed interest in further collaborations between the French Embassy, DAFA, and AIAS to support such kind of projects.

It is noteworthy that during this Herat visit, AIAS took 8 more miniatures to Herat and installed them among the other miniatures in Herat Citadel and completed the set of Timurid arts in Herat citadel.