Afghan Miniatures of 15th -18th Centuries

AUAF with cooperation of AIAS organized the program entitled “Afghan Miniatures of 15th -18th Centuries” by Dr. Michael Alexander Barry on 13 June, 2017.

Dr. Barry is lecturer in Princeton’s Near Eastern Studies Department since 2004 on the medieval and modern Islamic cultures of Iran, India, Pakistan, and most especially Afghanistan.

This lecture was an Illustration of the amazing art that was created in this Afghanistan between the 15th to 18Th centuries; many of the miniatures exhibited are known in foreign museums either the arts of Iran or India very rarely connected to the people who actually made these arts in Afghanistan. It was a little journey to the most beautiful miniatures created in Herat and Kabul between the ages of Timurid Sultans of Heart and their family members who became the kings of Kabul, whose reign then expanded to India.