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Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes

-An International Conference of the UCLA Program on Central Asia Charles E. Young Research Library Building, Los Angeles, CA- The year 2011 marks the eightieth anniversary of the death of Fayz Muhammad Katib, often considered to have been the founder of modern Afghan history writing. Whether in the present day or in the Katib’s own period, […]

Afghanistan’s Other Neighbors: Iran, Central Asia, and China

-Istanbul, Turkey- Landlocked Afghanistan lies in the heart of Asia. It links three major cultural and geographic regions: the Indian subcontinent to the southeast, Central Asia to the north, and the Iranian Plateau in the west. Geography may not be destiny, but it has set the course of Afghan history for millennia. Even today Afghanistan […]

Afghanistan and Central Asia: Conflict and Peace

-A Lecture by Dr. Shahrbanou Tadzbakhsh- Dr. Shahrbanou Tadzbakhsh — Iranian-born, US-educated, and currently French-employed — delivered a novel and provocative Center lecture on November 16. Entitled “Afghanistan and Central Asia: Conflict and Peace,” the talk drew parallels and distinctions between post-Taliban Afghanistan and the newly independent “Stans” to the north. Tadzbakhsh noted that, while […]