Sufi Music: A Qawali Music Event

-A performance by Ahmad Sham-

Sufi music has been practiced in several parts of Afghanistan mostly by Persian speaker Sufi circles to reinforce their connectivity to the original source of love and perfection, Almighty God. This music is very popular in India but it is practiced in all religious traditions all around the glob. In Afghanistan, this music is always accompanied by Persian Sufi poetry mostly from Jalaludin Rumi, Hafez, Sadi, Khayam, Sanayee and Jami. Even in India when the Qawal (Sufi singer) gets high in music or wants to amaze his/her audience they use some Persian verses of poems in the middle of Hindi, Punjabi and other local language songs. Most of who has been in such events has described Sufi music as very strong, penetrating and moving, especially when certain holy term like ALLAHO for instance gets repeatedly sung. Some times this music turns to a unique experience of life for some individuals from any religion and culture. This music crosses the geographical borders and renders the grasp meaning of unity. It is because it gives such an indescribable peacefulness and serenity that hopefully no one would be deprived from.

Ahmad Sham who is a medical doctor by training is born in Kabul on 1960. He has established a group of Sufi musicians (Qawali) since 1994 despite the fact that he used to sing Ghazal him self since 1979. He has performed concerts in Germany, Moscow, Tajikistan, London and Scotland.

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