2017 Fellowship Recipients

Katherine Freeze Brown University 'A field-based study of musical timing in the performance of maddoh, the Ismaili Muslim devotional music of Badakhshan'

Munazza Ebiktar Oxford University 'The Unknown Combatants of Panjshir: An Oral History of Women’s Resistance to the Soviet Occupation (1979-1989)'

Marjan Wardaki University of California, Los Angeles 'Cross-Cultural Exchanges: The Technical and Intellectual Flows of Ideas between Germany and Afghanistan, 1919-1945'

Richard Wolf Harvard University 'The Nightingale’s Despair: Music and Moral Being in Central Asia'

Melissa Kerr Chiovenda University of Connecticut, 'Early Arrival Afghan Refugees in Athens Greece: Their Role as Cultural Moderators and Political Activists in the Aftermath of the 2015 “Refugee Crisis'

2017 Travel Fellowship Recipient:

J. Eva Meharry University of Cambridge, 'Nation-Building and the Practice of Archaeology in Afghanistan'