Re-discovering Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasures

-The Castle, 225 Bay State Road, Boston, MA-

Dr. Fredrik Hiebert’s presentation, Re-discovering Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasures provides the back-story to the preservation of the masterpieces of the Kabul Museum. These artifacts, long-thought missing during two decades of civil war in Afghanistan, were actually hidden not destroyed or looted. It is a powerful double story – that of the rich heritage of Afghanistan as seen in its ancient art and artifacts, and that of the heroic efforts of the Afghan museum personnel to preserve these treasures during the chaotic recent history.

hiebertDr. Hiebert, National Geographic Archaeology Fellow and curator of the exhibition Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul, is an expert on the ancient cultures of Central Asia. He conducted field research in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and the Persian Gulf, primarily focused on Bronze Age cultures, before beginning a five-year project in Afghanistan to help document the preserved collections of the Kabul Museum. He has authored three books on ancient Central Asian cultures with an emphasis on the development of local cultures in their environment. He studied at the University of Michigan and at Harvard and taught at the University of Pennsylvania before becoming a National Geographic Society Fellow in 2003.

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