Translation Program

An ongoing challenge for researchers working on Afghanistan is the shortage of translations of works by Afghan scholars into English. The same applies to Afghan scholars, who do not have access to translations into Dari and Pashto of key publications on Afghanistan. Many writers have expressed their wish to see their work published in other languages, but currently lack the resources to do so.

A generous award from the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI programs has permitted AIAS to establish a translation program, which will offer grants to authors to adapt their publications in Dari or Pashto into English, or English-language publications into Dari and Pashto. The translation program will expand the breadth of resources available to Afghan and non-Afghan researchers without fluency in both English and Dari or Pashto. This program will also strengthen connections between Afghan and American scholars by exposing researchers on both sides to new ideas and previously inaccessible documents.

Many of the initial articles translated from English to Afghan Persian or Dari are derived from Afghanistan: Journal of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies published in collaboration with Edinburgh University Press. The Institute looks forward to bringing articles from the journal — the first of its kind in decades to be focused on Afghanistan — to readers of Persian and Dari in South Asia and the Middle East.