Lessons from the Places in Between

-An Illustrated Presentation by Rory Stewart-

10-11-06Born in Hong Kong and educated at Eton and Balliol College Oxford, Rory Stewart figures in the grand British Empire tradition of stirring endeavour. At 33, he has been an officer in the Black Watch, a diplomat in Indonesia and the Balkans, a Coalition Deputy Governor in Iraq, and a visiting scholar at Harvard University. He has walked across much of Asia and written two books.

Mr. Stewart’s first book, The Places in Between, recounts an unarmed and unguarded winter trek across Central Afghanistan – from Herat to Bamiyan to Kabul – in late 2001. His succession of people, landscapes, and ideas leaves the reader fascinated and bewildered. Anything, everything, and nothing – all seem simultaneously possible.

What themes unite Mr. Stewart’s disparate encounters? What lessons does he draw from his places in between? What relevance do they have for a time, yet again, of gathering crisis in Afghanistan?

Rory Stewart has been awarded the Order of the British Empire. He is currently Chief Executive of The Turquoise Mountain Foundation, whose joint Presidents are the President of Afghanistan and the Prince of Wales.


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