Kabul Talks

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Kabul Talks, the first of its kind, serves as a platform to apply the findings of Afghanistan-related research into practice, through linking the research community with policy makers and implementing institutions. Kabul Talks does not intend to conduct its own research; rather it aims to connect mainstream national and international research with its appropriate audience.

We Think. We Talk

Kabul Talks was created to promote and facilitate research-based analysis, discussion and policy discussions on Afghanistan. It provides a platform for professionals, researchers and academics of all disciplines to channel their research and analytical findings to the government, the private sector and the wider public. Kabul Talks will engage in policy dialogues and provide the Afghan government and other implementing agencies with proposals for larger-scale policy prescriptions.

Our Mission

  • To improve the research culture among Afghan experts.
  • To create a credible source of empowerment and inspiration for the country’s leaders.
  • To facilitate the birth of a capable, knowledgeable and responsible culture of leadership in Afghanistan.
  • To cultivate positive change for Afghan citizens through research-based discussions and policy analysis.
  • Ultimately, to create social leadership and, later, social ownership for the monitoring body of quality of policy making and policy implementation across the country.

Our Goals

  • Identify important topics to be researched, analyzed and discussed.
  • Encourage program speakers to discuss critical issues within the context of Afghanistan.
  • Involve Afghan practitioners and researchers in the development process and make their expertise available to executive, legislative and development-oriented institutions.
  • Connect policy makers and practitioners with stakeholders to assure the quality of development and cohesion of priority building.

The first year of Kabul Talks programs and activities are sponsored and hosted by the American Institute for Afghanistan Studies (AIAS).

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