Faiz Mohammed Katib and the Writing of Afghan History

-A Lecture by Robert McChesney-

11-13-06Former AIAS President Robert McChesney spoke at the Kabul Center on November 13. His topic “Faiz Mohammed Katib and the Writing of Afghan History” attracted an audience of local scholars and intellectuals. Two — anthropologists Sayed Akbar Mousavi and Whitney Azoy — had already delivered lectures at the Center this fall.

McChesney discussed Faiz Katib’s key place in Afghan historiography and, in particular, explored his ambiguous standing as a Hazara in the service of Pushtun Amir Habibullah. Prior to the talk, McChesney was presented with a framed portrait of Katib by the historian’s grandson.

Other listeners included former Chancellor of Kabul University Sharif Fayez, current Chancellor of Bamiyan University Arif Yousafi, and UN advisor Shahmahmoud Miakhel, who presented Azoy with his recently published history of the 2002 Emergency Loya Jirga.

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