Conference on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Pakistan and Adjacent Regions

– Abdul Waseh Ferozi, M. Nadir Rasooli, Rasool Bawari –

Pakistan lies at the intersection of important historical and modern trade and exchange networks that link Afghanistan and Central Asia to the Indus Valley region and beyond to Peninsular India. The Indus valley and adjacent regions have also played an important role in maritime trade to the regions of Gujarat, Oman and the Arabian/Persian Gulf area. This conference would bring together leading archaeologists and museum specialists of Pakistan with U.S. scholars and scholars from adjacent regions to discuss their most current research and develop future collaborative projects. The topics will range from the Prehistoric and Proto-Historic Indus Valley to the Early Historic and Islamic Periods

In coordination with board member J. Mark Kenoyer and the American Institute of Pakistan Studies, AIAS provided support to send several Afghan representatives to this conference. The conference is took place from January 5-8, 2012. Presenters at the conference included:

  • Abdul Waseh Ferozi: Head of Archeology Department of Academy of Sciences.

  • M. Nadir Rasooli: Director of Archeology Institute.

  • Rasool Bawari: Professor of Archeology in Kabul University

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