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“Is Afghanistan a ‘failed state’? The Answer from one bazaar town.”

-A Lecture by Noah Coburn Boston University, Room 625- The term ‘failed state’ has become increasingly popular both in anthropology and in discussions of Afghanistan. But what is a ‘failed state’ and is this a useful concept in thinking about the state and society in Afghanistan? This talk will present research done by Noah Coburn in […]

Political Legitimacy and Economic Resources: An Anthropological Perspective on the Reconstruction of Afghanistan

-A Lecture by: Alessandro Monsutti Boston University GSU, Terrace Lounge- This talk will examine the impact of transnational networks on local power games in Afghanistan in order to explain how the political economy of conflicts and post-conflicts is influenced by the circulation of external resources. Four main phenomena will be distinguished: the outside military support […]

Afghanistan’s Nuristan Region in Strategic and Ethnographic Context

-A Lecture by: Richard Strand and David Katz, Boston University GSU, Room 310- The region called Nuristan is one in a chain of ethnic refuge areas that line the mountains of the Indian Plate collision zone from Afghanistan to Southeast Asia. Nuristan lies in the Hindu Kush mountains of northeastern Afghanistan, spanning the basins of […]