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Seeking stability in Afghanistan

AIAS and RANA university hosted a presentation by Dr. Thomas Barfield on 15 August, 2016. The presentation was entitled ” seeking stability in Afghanistan”. The 2004 Afghan constitution creates a highly centralized government in a land that is characterized by its diversity. One aspect of this diversity is the wide number of qawms (tribal or […]

Epistemology of ‘State’ in Afghanistan: Beyond Modernism

AIAS hosted a talk by Dr. Jawanshir Rasekh on 12 July, 2016. Epistemology on the philosophical knowledge of history is the manner of learning and studying of an historical phenomenon or narrative. The Epistemology of “Governance” in contemporary history of Afghanistan is the state of manners hypothesis, definitions and perceptions that, historian, anthropologist and politicians […]

networking event at the AIAS

AIAS had a networking event with the Afghan students who were studying in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and United States on 11 July, 2016. These students who got their scholarships from the US embassy, Afghanistan shared their experiences from two different countries, different people, and different environments that they were studying. Also they discussed the opportunities they […]

Fulbright alumni gathering event

AIAS organized an event for the Fulbright alumni on 19 April, 2016. In this event Fulbright scholars discussed their experiences of studying in US, experiencing new cultures, ideas, people, opportunities that they got by studying in United States, and their commitments in using those experiences and knowledge in Afghanistan to be a part of the […]

A Muslim Archipelago: Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia.

AIAS hosted a talk by Dr. Gross on 7 March, 2016. Dr Gross discussed the main themes of his book, “A Muslim Archipelago: Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia.” He addressed such questions as ‘Why is Indonesia which has a large Muslim majority (87 per cent) officially a secular (Pancasila) state, while Malaysia whose Muslim […]

Promote Voluntary Assistance for Vulnerable

AIAS organized a program for vulnerable kids of GULESTAN on 1 March, 2016 in Kabul. AIAS launched a program named GULESTAN to support vulnerable kids working in Kabul city of Afghanistan. This program aims to support and motivate vulnerable kids working in Kabul city streets by providing chairs, desks, stationary, and by arranging programs and […]

Why Muslim Politics of Rage in the Age of ‘Empires of Trust’?

AIAS hosted a presentation by Dr. M. Nazif Shahrani  on 26 December, 2015. The presentation explored how and why the anti-colonial nationalist resistance movements which gradually forced the end of European colonialism, led into the rise of new ideologically driven Western Empires of Trust – i.e. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Euro-American Capitalist Great […]

Honoring Haideri Wojodi the great poet and unveiling his book

AIAS honored Haideri Wojodi in an event on 2 December, 2015.  In this event hosted by the AIAS number of poets, writers and those who were interested in poetry and literature were invited. In this event the life, personality, and endeavors of Mr. Haideri Wojodi in Dari-Farsi literature were discussed.

Afghan Cameleers in Australia from 1860-1920

On 7 October, 2015 AIAS with the coordination of ACKU hosted a presentation by Mr. Fahim Hashemy in Afghanistan center in Kabul university about the history of Afghan cameleers in Australia. Between the mid 1800s and the turn of the nineteenth century more than 3000 men from Afghanistan made the long and harrowing voyage out […]

Reception for Dr. Thomas Barfield & Dr. Michael Alexander Barry

On 22 August, 2015 AIAS hosted a reception for Dr. Thomas Barfield & Dr. Michael Alexander Barry. Dr. Thomas Barfield’s current research focuses on problems of political development in Afghanistan, particularly on systems of local governance and dispute resolution. He has also published extensively on contemporary and historic nomadic pastoral societies in Eurasia with a […]