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Students in the Field

Two American graduate students, both Boston University anthropologists, have recently begun working in Afghanistan. Ted Callahan serves as a consultant with the Central Asian Institute in the remote Pamirs of northeastern Badakhshan province. His main interests concern a remnant population of Kirghiz pastoralists, perhaps the most geographically isolated and culturally traditional group of Turkic people […]

Meeting of Afghan Archaeologists

Dr. Mark Kenoyer, director of the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) visited AIAS on August 18th. He was in Afghanistan working on archeological site near the Aynak Copper Mine. AIAS organized a meeting of local archeologists at the Institute and assisted in facilitating this trip. 

Iftar Dinner for University Lecturers

In coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education, AIAS hosted group of 28 professors from Kabul and Nangarhar Universities who were invited by the ministry for training workshops on curriculum. AIAS organized an Iftar (dinner during Ramazan). The purpose of this program was to strengthen the institute’s relationship with academic institutions in the provinces and […]

Investment and Security

A joint presentation and workshop by Afghan researchers who are working with Harakat, an independent non-profit Afghan-managed organization which works on improving business environment in Afghanistan, and Qara Consultancy which is a private think tank working on public relations and business management. The presentation and workshop focused on current level of investment, especially in the […]

Fulbright and Humphrey Orientation Program

In coordination with the Public Affairs Section, AIAS organized the Fulbright Scholarship Orientation program. AIAS invited 40 students from various private universities, research institutions and several ministries, especially ministry of health and ministry of mining and industry. A team from the Public Affairs Section and Afghan Alumni Association explained the scholarship and ways to apply […]

Higher Education, Challenges and Reform

-Gowharshad University, Ministry of Higher Education- AIAS hosted a presentation by representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education and Gowharshad University. The program was initiated by the AIAS in coordination with Gowharshad University and the Fulbright Alumni Association. Over 45 participants from various relevant organizations discussed the results of recent university entrance examinations in which […]

Best Practices for Managing Large Organizations

-Alaina Teplitz, Embassy of the United States- AIAS hosted a presentation by Alaina Teplitz, Councilor for Management, Embassy of the United States. The program was part of the Afghan Alumni Outreach Activity and organized jointly by AIAS and the Public Affairs Section. It focused on best practices for leading and management as part of the […]

Meeting of Religious Chapter of Afghan Education Exchange Association

AIAS hosted the meeting of Afghan Exchange Association, Religious Chapter. This organization was established by Afghans who visited the United States in various educational and short-term training programs. In particular, this meeting of the religious chapter was very helpful in preparation for the first conference of the Islamic Cooperation project, ICPFA.

Regional Alumni Dialogue

-Afghan Alumni Association- AIAS hosted a gathering of the Afghan Alumni association to discuss the initiative of connecting Afghan Alumni with their regional partners, especially Pakistan, India and Kyrgyzstan. There were over 30 participants and they discussed various topics of cooperation. Following the meeting, AIAS helped the Alumni Association to develop a concept paper on […]

Waste Management and Environmental Protection

-Dr. Rahmani and Dr. Alim Attarud- AIAS, jointly with U.S Embassy Public Affairs Section, Fulbright Alumni and the Azizi Foundation, organized a presentation on the waste management issues in Kabul. Dr. Rahmani and Dr. Attarud, former Fulbrighters who are currently working in the Ministry of Urban Development and Ministry of Health prepared the presentation. The […]