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Mountstuart Elphinstone and the Historical Foundations of Afghanistan Studies

The AIAS co-sponsored program “Mountstuart Elphinstone and the Historical Foundations of Afghanistan Studies: Reframing Colonial Knowledge of the Indo-Persian World in the Post-Colonial Era” examined the intellectual legacy of Mountstuart Elphinstone (1779-1859) whose career as a diplomat, administrator and scholar left a substantial and lasting impact on colonial fields of knowledge and governance in Afghanistan […]

Afghanistan 2015: Transitions to Transformations

AIAS hosted an international conference with the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, “Afghanistan 2015: Transitions to Transformations” to discuss the demographic, institutional, and structural changes taking place within the country. The conference took place in Istanbul, Turkey from August 5 to 9, 2015 and brought together a diverse group of Afghans, Americans and other nationals […]

Conference on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Pakistan and Adjacent Regions

– Abdul Waseh Ferozi, M. Nadir Rasooli, Rasool Bawari – Pakistan lies at the intersection of important historical and modern trade and exchange networks that link Afghanistan and Central Asia to the Indus Valley region and beyond to Peninsular India. The Indus valley and adjacent regions have also played an important role in maritime trade to the regions […]

ICPFA Conference – Istanbul, Turkey

The first conference of the Islamic Cooperation for a Peaceful Future in Afghanistan project was held in Istanbul, Turkey from November 30 – December 2, 2011. The conference brought prominent senior scholars from the Islamic world and 120 members of Afghan religious and civil society together to explore vital themes of peace for the future of Afghanistan. […]

Great Games? Afghan History through Afghan Eyes

-An International Conference of the UCLA Program on Central Asia Charles E. Young Research Library Building, Los Angeles, CA- The year 2011 marks the eightieth anniversary of the death of Fayz Muhammad Katib, often considered to have been the founder of modern Afghan history writing. Whether in the present day or in the Katib’s own period, […]

Rule of Law in Afghanistan

-Boston, Massachusetts- One of the most significant defects of state building in Afghanistan has been its failure to achieve rule of law after almost a decade of effort. Despite intense efforts made by the international community to build the Afghan government’s capacity, the formal system of justice fails to meet the country’s needs. Indeed, the […]

Fundamentals of Governance in Afghanistan

-Istanbul, Turkey- Afghanistan’s 2004 Constitution created a highly centralized government with a strong presidency. This model was endorsed by the international community on the grounds that Afghanistan needed a strong leader and that the previous governments in Afghanistan had employed such structures. Five years on, it is apparent that the Kabul government has been unable […]

Afghanistan’s Other Neighbors: Iran, Central Asia, and China

-Istanbul, Turkey- Landlocked Afghanistan lies in the heart of Asia. It links three major cultural and geographic regions: the Indian subcontinent to the southeast, Central Asia to the north, and the Iranian Plateau in the west. Geography may not be destiny, but it has set the course of Afghan history for millennia. Even today Afghanistan […]

The Durand Line: History, Consequences and Future

-Istanbul, Turkey- The demarcation of the frontier between British India and Afghanistan was made explicit by the Durand Agreement of 1893. Imposed over Afghan objections it divided the Pashtun tribes and gave the British control of those in what would become the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). From the very beginning the line caused controversy by […]

Lessons from the Places in Between

-An Illustrated Presentation by Rory Stewart- Born in Hong Kong and educated at Eton and Balliol College Oxford, Rory Stewart figures in the grand British Empire tradition of stirring endeavour. At 33, he has been an officer in the Black Watch, a diplomat in Indonesia and the Balkans, a Coalition Deputy Governor in Iraq, and […]