Pre-Orientation Meeting: Afghanistan Pakistan Partnership Summit: Workable Solutions for the New Era

AIAS, The Hollings Center for international dialogue, and the US embassy in Kabul arranged a per-orientation meeting named Afghanistan-Pakistan partnership summit on 29 November, 2016.

This meeting included discussion about:

Opportunities for cooperation and partnership between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
There are many opportunities that exist for cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan. What is happening on the cooperation side? What is working? What are some local opportunities? What larger regional integration opportunities could result from increased cooperation with Pakistan? How can these opportunities be realized in the current environment? What national and international policy reforms are needed to enhance synergies?

Barriers to cooperation and partnership between Afghanistan and Pakistan
How can barriers to cooperation be overcome? What are some major barriers to cooperation with Pakistan? How have these barriers affected dynamics between Afghanistan and Pakistan? What governance issues exist? What strategies, policies and measures role can government, businesses and civil society play to overcome barriers?

As a conclusion all the participants gave their recommendations and specified the outcome of the meeting.


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