The Afghanistan Pakistan India Triangle. Current views from New Delhi and Islamabad

On September 30, 2014 AIAS and ACKU organized a  lecture by Dr. Jean-Luc Racine about the Afghanistan-Pakistan and India triangle, discussing the current views on the countries. The parameters of the Afghanistan-Pakistan-India conundrum are well known, and are often seen as one of the main challenges which may affect the Transformation Decade Afghanistan is entering in. At the light of recent events in the three countries and in the region, could we expect to go beyond the zero sum game rationale which has usually prevailed?  It remains to be seen if the new political equations in New Delhi and in Kabul (and either, up to a point, in Islamabad) will open new vistas more open to convergence, as recent think tanks dialogues recommend—including those between India and China.

SORBONNE, JEAN – LUC RACINE is Emeritus Senior CNRS Fellow, Center for South Asian Studies at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Paris, and Vice-President of the Paris-based think tank Asia Center.

Author or editor of a dozen of books, his research is focused on three main issues: a)- the internal dynamics of change in India; b)- India’s foreign and security policy; c)- The geopolitics of Pakistan and India-Pakistan-Afghanistan relations.

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