Afghanistan and Central Asia: Conflict and Peace

-A Lecture by Dr. Shahrbanou Tadzbakhsh-

11-16-06Dr. Shahrbanou Tadzbakhsh — Iranian-born, US-educated, and currently French-employed — delivered a novel and provocative Center lecture on November 16. Entitled “Afghanistan and Central Asia: Conflict and Peace,” the talk drew parallels and distinctions between post-Taliban Afghanistan and the newly independent “Stans” to the north. Tadzbakhsh noted that, while the Stans’ borders may be dysfunctional, at least those countries have recent experience with strong central government. She wondered, again comparing Afghanistan to its northern neighbors, whether development need come early in nation-building…or whether security must first be firmly established. Lastly she pointed to the Stans’ experience with governance and asked which is more important in early phases: democracy or strong man leadership.

The lecture was made possible by cooperation between AIAS and the French embassy in Kabul.

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