Monthly Archives: December 2015

Why Muslim Politics of Rage in the Age of ‘Empires of Trust’?

AIAS hosted a presentation by Dr. M. Nazif Shahrani  on 26 December, 2015. The presentation explored how and why the anti-colonial nationalist resistance movements which gradually forced the end of European colonialism, led into the rise of new ideologically driven Western Empires of Trust – i.e. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Euro-American Capitalist Great […]

Honoring Haideri Wojodi the great poet and unveiling his book

AIAS honored Haideri Wojodi in an event on 2 December, 2015.  In this event hosted by the AIAS number of poets, writers and those who were interested in poetry and literature were invited. In this event the life, personality, and endeavors of Mr. Haideri Wojodi in Dari-Farsi literature were discussed.

Mountstuart Elphinstone and the Historical Foundations of Afghanistan Studies

The AIAS co-sponsored program “Mountstuart Elphinstone and the Historical Foundations of Afghanistan Studies: Reframing Colonial Knowledge of the Indo-Persian World in the Post-Colonial Era” examined the intellectual legacy of Mountstuart Elphinstone (1779-1859) whose career as a diplomat, administrator and scholar left a substantial and lasting impact on colonial fields of knowledge and governance in Afghanistan […]