Monthly Archives: October 2006

Afghanistan towards a new Jihad? Interpretations of the Current Insurgency

-A Lecture by Dr. Antonio Giustozzi- Four years ago Afghanistan was mostly at peace, and people in Kabul spoke confidently of “Reconstruction.” Now much of the South is at war, other areas are disturbed, and the prognosis has turned negative. What drives the current insurgency? Is it best understood as political or religious or ethnic […]

Lessons from the Places in Between

-An Illustrated Presentation by Rory Stewart- Born in Hong Kong and educated at Eton and Balliol College Oxford, Rory Stewart figures in the grand British Empire tradition of stirring endeavour. At 33, he has been an officer in the Black Watch, a diplomat in Indonesia and the Balkans, a Coalition Deputy Governor in Iraq, and […]

Western Journalists of the Afghan Jihad

-Featuring Peter Jouvenal, Richard Mackenzie, and John Jennings- AIAS exists to further the study of Afghanistan. In recent decades much of this study has been conducted not as pure scholarship per se but in the service of diplomacy or development or – especially – journalism. Journalists have gone where scholars feared to tread, and they have written with […]