Nuristan: Hidden Land of the Hindu-Kush
Resource web site on Nuristan Province, provided by member Richard Strand.

Afghanistan Digital Library
The immediate objective of the Afghanistan Digital Library is to retrieve and restore the first sixty years of Afghanistan’s published cultural heritage. The project is collecting, cataloging, digitizing, and making available over the Internet as many Afghan publications from the period 1871–1930 as it is possible to identify and locate.

The Williams Afghan Media Project
The Williams Afghan Media Project (WAMP) is an online resource for the study of Afghanistan. In addition to helping to preserve and make available resources related to Afghanistan, WAMP also provides a site for exploring Afghanistan’s cultural legacy, historical development, and present situation.

Da Afghanistan Kalanay Collection
Da Afghanistan Kalanay also known as the Salnamah-i Afghanistan is an almanac and yearbook published by the Government of Afghanistan from 1932-1990 (1311-1369). Each volume covers political and economic history and activities of the country.

Preserving and Creating Access to Unique Afghan Records
The University of Arizona Libraries (UAL) in partnership with the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) is collaborating, preserving and providing access to Afghanistan literature mostly from the Jihad Period. This is a unique collection of documents related to Afghanistan history, culture, and its development during the Jihad period 1989-2006 and more.